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If TargetGrow isn't performing for you, we'd love a chance to hear your feedback and help - please contact us at the address below. Plans are billed monthly so your plan will stop at the end of your current billing cycle. To proceed click here.

If you're on a paid plan and would like to stop it please use the link above. Otherwise to cancel your account click here.

Just use the Plans page and choose your new plan. Remember plans are billed on a monthly basis. Your charges will be pro-rated based on when during your billing cycle you're changing plans.

To change your credit card, please visit the plans page, click on your current plan, and enter your new credit card information. (As long as you select the same plan, you won't be charged - it will just replace the current one.)

TargetGrow uses what you tell us about your intended audience to identify the people who are most likely to find you interesting and engage with you. We apply machine learning to suggest tweets that should be relevant for you to consider, review and favorite, and our algorithm typically yields 5x higher engagement than the usual way.

We automatically email you a copy of your invoice each month. If you don't have it please check your spam folder, or you can have any invoices resent from your My Account page

You can update your email anytime on your My Account page.